Anyone Can Be A Superhero!

We have raised $5,898 for Pancreatic Cancer Research!!!

(rough estimate as of 7/7/2017, the money isn't received until a few days after the order is placed)

Where are we now?!?!

South Bend, IN as of 7/27/2017


About The Ride

There are 3,500 miles between Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine. It will take approximately 6 weeks for the group of us to traverse the United States. We are riding to raise money for pancreatic cancer research. You can help make a difference by donating to this great cause.

Check out our store! Buy a t-shirt or wristband to support pancreatic cancer research. You can even buy miles of the 3,500 mile trip to sponsor a segment of our ride! Take an opportunity to learn more about the ride and the cause.

This is the wristband that comes with the purchase of a shirt!