José Ignacio Alfaro


My name is José Ignacio Alfaro. I am a 26 year old sound designer, audio engineer, arranger, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. I have spent a majority of my life studying sound, as well as music. A majority of my work has revolved in the indie video game industry. It took me a long time to start getting serious about being healthy. For a long time, it would be months or even a year between workouts, but training for this ride has definitely changed that. In the last 7 months I have lost over 50 lbs, and plan to lose a bunch more. When I first started training, I could only ride for maybe 10 miles in an hour, today, I can ride 50+ in a single ride! But I am still working just as hard to reach my goal of being able to ride a century per day!

I decided to take up this ride the day that my best friend's mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. She fought so hard, and lived much longer than was originally expected. I had never seen someone pass away in front of my eyes, but being there, made me feel this drive to try to do something about it. That same day, Josh posted about doing this ride from Portland to Portland, and asked if anyone wanted to do it, so I decided to join. While I can't do anything to help my friend's mom today, I can do something to hopefully make it so others don't need to go through that pain. No one deserves that.

This ride, for me, is about more than raising money for pancreatic cancer research. It's about reminding everyone about the most beautiful values of the human condition, love, and community. I hope to accomplish this by reaching out, and volunteering to help others. Just spread as much love as humanly possible. This country really needs love more than ever. We are a part of a truly incredible species. In the last century we went from riding in horse and buggy as a mode of transportation, to cars, to planes, to space. While there were individuals that were the "main faces" of these advancements, they weren't successfully embedded into our society, and slowly perfected through those individuals alone.  We did that work together. We are unstoppable when we work together. We break barriers, and save lives. Humanity isn't perfect, but the potential for beauty, and advancement is constant; we just have to pull it out into the light.