The Cause


We are riding from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine to raise money for pancreatic cancer research.  We hope that our journey will inspire family, friends, and strangers to donate to the cause.  

Along the way we will be volunteering in the communities we ride through by helping people complete small chores or connecting with local charities to volunteer.  We want to show that anyone can be a superhero, even ordinary people like us.  We hope this inspires others to help in their own communities.  We will be representing prominent comic book superhero characters along our journey.

Check out our 'Donate' tab above to purchase one of our custom made t-shirts or to simply donate.  100% of proceeds collected from t-shirt sales and donations will go directly to pancreatic cancer research. You can learn more about the cause at


We will be riding in memory of Vickie who recently passed away from pancreatic cancer. Vickie was an amazing woman with a very positive spirit. Josh knew her from his church. Help her family with medical bills and final expenses here


We also want to recognize Jason, who is currently undergoing treatment for a rare form of testicular cancer. Since Jason is a big fan of Marvel Comics, we will honor him through our acts of kindness along the ride.  You can help us fight alongside Jason by donating here.

Throughout the journey we will be spreading the stories of Jason and Vickie in hopes that they can receive support from the people we meet along the way.  Will you be a superhero to someone today?